Published On: Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

KCR’s Amma Vodi kits to women from June 2

The State Government plans to gift a new scheme of “Ammavodi KCR Kits” to pregnant women in the State on June 2 to mark the formation of Telangana State and bank accounts with Adhar linkage will be opened for pregnant women to get Rs 12,000 on delivery. A robust software project developed will be implemented in Mahabubnagar first.

Health Minister Dr C Lakshma Reddy today held a review meeting on the same and asked the officials to conduct regular tests and make available the data online and conduct a wide ranging publicity to aware the rural women about the “Amma Vodi KCR Kits”. The minister viewed power point presentation is made to show that the scheme is implemented in a positive way by involving patients and their attendants. He directed that the officials coordinate for transparent implementation of the scheme by offering financial assistance avoiding any hindrances.

The Government is offering Rs 12,000 to pregnant women for delivery in its hospitals to promote institutional deliveries. The officials were instructed to see that the scheme is implemented in a fool-proof manner and encourage the women make use of it and prefer government hospitals for safe and successful delivery.

Officials informed through the presentation and a robust software about every detail of women from coming to hospitals and getting back to homes including, diagnosis, medicines offered, treatment done, delivery and hospitals and others. On safe delivery the officials should offer Rs 12000 to women and Rs 1000 more if a girl child delivered he said. Besides availing data of the pregnant women online, the ANMs are provided with Tabs with all details to offer improved health services. (NSS)

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